Binh Thuan Province – Kingdom of Dragon fruit


Binh Thuan Province is not only known as the coastal city but also the dragon fruit kingdom of Vietnam. When traveling to Phan Thiet in the dragon fruit season, visitors will surely admire the unique and beautiful dragon fruit garden beside the waves.

Visitors can follow National Route 1A on the way to Ta Cu Mountain to visit the road with dragon fruit gardens on both sides of the road! The beauty of this plant can be compared with the waves of the sea.

Binh Thuan Province has long been considered a place with difficult conditions in the cultivation of fruit trees. But you don't know why dragon fruit - this fruit has a predestined relationship with the land of Binh Thuan province until now. With an area of ​​up to 20,500 hectares, this has explained why it is called Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province is the "Kingdom" of dragon fruit in Vietnam.

Dragon fruit is a fruit tree, has a family with cactus, climbing body, triangular cylinder with 3 angles. Each year, the tree branches out from 3-4 times, the older the tree, the more branches. The succulent stems are an indispensable condition for being able to withstand drought for a long time in arid, rocky land like a sub-desert. It is these characteristics that have created the conditions for this plant to grow so well.

In the early morning, the dragon fruit garden is illuminated by the rays of the sun to start a new day, at noon the sun burns the whole garden. And the space becomes more and more colorful when the sunset gradually falls. The dragon fruit garden in Binh Thuan province is illuminated by shimmering lights in the off-season, like a fairy garden that everyone wants to have once. Immerse yourself in that space.

In the flower season, the whole dragon fruit garden is radiant with pure white color. The dragon fruit flower is similar to Night Blooming Cereus flower, when blooming, it often spreads its petals to 30 cm, shaped like a dragon's tail and emits a characteristic fragrance, spreading throughout the garden the vanilla scent.

The arid land creates creative people, the people here have created and hybridized to produce two-skinned, red-fleshed dragon fruit to serve customers. Dragon fruit has become the pride of the people of the coastal town of Phan Thiet, contributing to creating a tourist identity for this land so that when visitors come here, they are conquered by that wonderful beauty.

(Source: Du Lich)