Phuc Ha Company in Binh Thuan province with dragon fruit seeds for export

Ready for exporting seeds of Dragon Fruits


Binh Thuan dragon fruits have been present and consumed not only in the form of fresh fruit but also in the form of processed products such as dried dragon fruit, fruit juice, candy, wine, dragon fruit syrup, etc. Recently, an enterprise in Bac Binh district has launched white dragon fruit seeds, red dragon fruit seeds products exported to the Korean market.

Export of dragon fruit seeds

At a booth displays of OCOP quality products under the program "One Commune One Product" of Binh Thuan province", I was impressed with the products made from dragon fruit, meeting the 4-star standards, favored by many consumers.

Mr. Tran Van Liem, representative of Phuc Ha Juice Co., Ltd., and white dragon fruit and red dragon fruit seeds exported to the Korean market.

According to the information from the manufacturer, this new product is made from 100% dragon fruit seeds, used as raw materials for the cosmetic and medical industries.

Phuc Ha is an enterprise specializing in the production of dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit wine, said Mr. Liem has found that for a long time, dragon fruit, after juicing fresh fruits, there will be left unused dragon fruit carcasses and seeds. In 2020, Phuc Ha tested and invested in seeds separation machinery and technology lines from abroad.

Accordingly, after separation, dragon fruit seeds will be dried naturally for about one week before being packed. Currently, the export product of dragon fruit seeds has been exported to the Korean market for 250 USD/kilogram. However, it is not easy to get a large amount of dragon fruit seeds because it will take 250 tons of dragon fruit to make one ton of dragon fruit seeds.

Particularly for Phuc Ha, the red flesh dragon fruit will be used for making juice, dragon fruit wine, then take advantage of dragon fruit seeds for export that brings economic efficiency.

Need to promote deep processing of dragon fruit

The fact that Binh Thuan province has more new products made from dragon fruit, especially dragon fruit seeds, will bring opportunity to the market for fresh dragon fruit products, thereby limiting the current precarious price of dragon fruit.

Regarding the source of dragon fruit raw materials, enterprises are purchasing for farmers in Bac Binh district, thereby partly helping farmers grow dragon fruit to have the output for products, especially products that do not meet the standards for export, Mr. Liem said

According to Binh Thuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province currently has six dragon fruit processing facilities, with a total processing capacity of about 182,000 tons, accounting for 29.26% of the total output.

However, most of the processed dragon fruit products are for domestic consumption. Due to difficulties in finding a consumer market, the amount of dragon fruit put into processing every year is very low compared to the total processing capacity.

Meanwhile, in recent years, the market for fresh dragon fruit products of Binh Thuan province often fluctuates in the "good season, bad price" direction, thereby makes most farmers fall into the loss situation, with little incentive to invest in reproduction.

Thus, one of the solutions for sustainable dragon fruit development offered by specialized units is to encourage and support large enterprises to invest in dragon fruit storage and preservation. The purpose is to regulate the output of dragon fruit supplied to the market, especially to invest in industrial-scale processing, diversify products and increase added value for dragon fruit products.

Over the past years, Binh Thuan Provincial People's Committee has issued Decision No. 16/2017 on policies to support technology and equipment innovation for enterprises producing advantageous products of Binh Thuan province in the 2016-2020 period, including: support loan interest rates for enterprises producing and processing dragon fruit.

In addition, Resolution No. 86/2019 of Binh Thuan Provincial People's Council approved a policy to support linkages in the production and consumption of agricultural products in the province. It is a stepping stone for consuming and processing dragon fruit enterprises in the province boldly to invest, constantly develop new products, step by step increase the value of advantageous products of the province.

At this time, although the launch of export dragon fruit seeds is not much, it is considered a new direction, contributing to diversifying products processed from dragon fruit, bringing advantageous products to consumers.

(Source : nghia)

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