Phuc Ha Juice Keeping Faith In Production To Overcome The Covid-19 Pandemic Together

Overcome challenges


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nearly every business in the world has been affected by COVID-19 in different ways from 2020 to the present, and Phuc Ha Juice Co., Ltd is not an exception. However, thanks to the attention of the local, partners, customers are the motivation for Phuc Ha company to overcome difficulties and challenges together with the entire Board of Directors and workers, working together to support farmers harvesting dragon fruit during this time…

Phuc Ha Company produces many products from dragon fruit which is a typical specialty of Binh Thuan land such as red dragon fruit jam, dried dragon fruit, fermented dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit seeds...

Dragon fruit in Bac Binh and Tuy Phong districts are very fresh, good quality, and are purchased by the company to focus on production.

Products of Phuc Ha company have been brought to promote trade in many localities, at many domestic and international fairs and exhibitions and are very interested and well received by customers. After many years of constantly improving quality and changing designs, Phuc Ha's products have built their own brand.

In order to gain a foothold on the markets, Phuc Ha company has committed To production processes, cleaner production, environmentally friendly, and create many jobs for local workers. Phuc Ha company having fully certified as a qualified food safety facility, meeting the requirements of HACCP standards

Fermented red dragon fruit juice PROSPEROUS

Phuc Ha Company having many awards such as "Prestigious, quality and safe products for consumers' health", "Prestige agricultural products - high quality in Vietnam", "Typical rural industrial products at regional level - 2020", and "Product 4-star OCOP Binh Thuan certificates"…