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The beverage market is increasingly diverse and rich with many different types of products. That helps you have more choices for your drinks. Besides carbonated water products, products with fruit materials that meet high-quality standards are increasingly popular in the market and won the hearts of customers.

One of the reasons why customers love natural fruit products is because they have a very good scent and high vitamin content in water. Grasping the customer’s behavior, Phuc Ha Juice Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 - providing all kinds of juices, especially red dragon fruit juice.

Red dragon fruit juice Contains a significant amount of vitamin C, several B vitamins, carotenes, calcium, potassium, iron, and many other antioxidants. Red dragon fruit juice Prosperous helps the digestive system in the body which works better, strengthens the immune system, brings abundant energy, helps you eat well, sleep well.

In particular, the high-water content helps moisturize the skin, limit aging, make the skin smooth, ruddy, and youthful. Fat-free and fiber-rich give the best women’s shape. In addition, the purple-red color in red dragon fruit contains many anthocyanins, which are one of the nutrients with very high anti-cancer properties used in most functional foods in the US.

When fermenting, the nutrients in dragon fruit still retain nutritional value. So, "Fermented red dragon fruit Prosperous" not only meets the needs of a beverage but also a nutritious drink with health benefits.

The product "Fermented red dragon fruit Prosperous" is committed to being a clean product, fermented by natural fermentation technology, without the use of chemicals and colorants. Therefore, customers are completely assured when using. Each product that is shipped is always rigorously tested and meets the most stringent standards. Therefore, each product when it comes to the market is the most perfect product.

Our products are processed 100% from red dragon fruits that have been tested for quality of Bac Binh district - Binh Thuan province, which is a district with a large annual output of dragon fruit and dragon fruit with a characteristic aroma that is sweet and delicious than dragon fruit in other regions. The product has the natural purple-red color of red dragon fruit, slightly acrid sweetness, and a strong aroma of red dragon fruit.

There is nothing more wonderful than when the weather is hot like this but enjoying a glass of dragon fruit juice is both cool and nutritious. With each sip of dragon fruit juice, you feel like you are cool like you lost in the cool red dragon fruit garden.

With a beautiful design, designed delicately and luxuriously, impressive at first sight "Red Dragon Fruit Prosperous" is not only a beverage but it also shows the class of the brand is trusted by users. Red - a symbol of power and charm.

With us, the design is consistent with the quality inside. Each bottle of dragon fruit juice has an irresistible attraction. This is not only familiar water available in the house but also a meaningful gift for friends which brings the characteristics of Binh Thuan province.

We always strive to bring our customers the best quality products, the best prices. PHUC HA JUICE CO.LTD is always proud to be the pioneer enterprise to bring to the fresh, nutritious market and completely "clean" product lines.