Uses of fermented red dragon fruit

"Gifts" from fermented red dragon fruits


Fermented red dragon fruit contains the most suitable nutritional ingredients for maintaining shape and beauty. Each 100g red flesh dragon fruit provides only 40k calories helps moisturize the skin, helps the skin become smoother, reduces the phenomenon of dry, cracked, aging, and aging skin, keeping the skin looking youthful and fresh.

Good digestion

The fiber content of red dragon fruit is also very high compared to other fruits, including two types of insoluble fiber (cellulose) and soluble fiber (pectin) that help regulate the operation of the system. digestion, reduce dangerous substances for the body such as fats, cholesterol, toxins.

Help reduce fat

Fermented red dragon fruit is completely fat-free, along with low energy, so you can rest assured that using the product will help your body avoid obesity.

Good for the heart, people with diabetes

The high fiber content of dragon fruit is good for people with diabetes. In addition, dragon fruit also has great effect in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol level in the body. Dragon fruit is an excellent source of monounsaturated fat, helping your heart to rest in good condition.

Protects hair when doing chemicals

Dragon fruit juice is a great nutrient for dyed or chemically treated hair. By applying dragon fruit juice or a dragon fruit product to your scalp, you can protect your dyed or chemically treated hair. Dragon fruit juice keeps hair follicles open, making your hair healthy and silky.

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